More Fox News Demographics

Republicans like to hype how good Fox News’ rating are, but that only works if you leave out the Mainstream Media. CBS 60 Minutes has nearly FOUR TIMES the viewers as the O’Reilly Factor, Faux’s best rate show. Even programs like “Date Line,” and “20/20” do better than every Fox News program:

CBS 60 Minutes = 13.1-million
NBC News = 7.9-million
ABC News = 7.1-million
NBC Date Line = 6.6-million
CBS News = 5.1-million
ABC 20/20 = 4.9-million

O’Reily Factor = 3.4-million
Fox News Prime Time = 2.5-million
Glenn Beck = 2.0-million
Greta = 2.0-million
Palin = 2.0-million

Evaluating The Demographics of Fox News

Republicans like to brag about the popularity of Conservative Media outlets such as Fox News, however, Fox News is only popular in the oldest demographic:

Average Viewer Age:

Fox News: 65
Rush: 67
O’Reilly: 71

The problem is that young people don’t watch cable news or even regular TV for that matter. They get all their news from the Internet.

According to Alexa, the top internet news/political sites are all LIBERAL. The New York times on line is the highest. Huffington Post second highest, tied with Fox News. All the rest of the conservative sights are much lower:

1. New York Times 127
2. HP 156
3. Fox News 182
4. Wall Street Journal 512
5. Drudge Report 707
6. New York Post 1,663
7. World Net Daily 2,011
8. NewsMax 4,505
9. National Review 6,272
10. Rush Limbaugh 6,517
11. Human Events 19,235
12. Weekly Standard 21,035
13. Bill O’Reily 37,329
14. Sean Hannity 22,524
15. American Enterprise Inst. 99,791
16. Micheal Savage 3,793,061