Facts. This website came about because I noticed the lack of succinct and centralized factual data on the political issues of the day. Most of the news and political web sites were filled with emotional, knee jerk reactions that ignored the underlying facts and did nothing to solve the problem.

I seem to be particular good at using Google and the Internet to ferret out facts and details of issues. I’m also good at organizing them and framing them to focus on the key aspects of a problem. Fact-Left is thus a way of share these facts, ideas and the key details with a clear liberal slant.

Teeth. Another goal of this web site is to put some teeth into liberal arguments. Liberals in general, myself included, tend to be polite and take a live-and-let-live attitude. We think that other people are entitled to their opinions and feel timid about arguing for fear of crossing personal boundaries. We are particularly reluctant to denigrate or mock someone else’s opinion.

Conservatives feel none of these constraints. They will happily disparage your ideas, your thoughts and even your personality. Conservatives are particularly good at framing issues to mock and denigrate liberal ideas.

To counter that approach, this web site will pull no punches or soften any blows. I will primarily focus on facts, ideas and clear-cut concepts, but I won’t shy away from using humor, wit and sarcasm to highlight and conteract the worst examples of conservative dogma. If you are squeamish, this web site may not be the right place for you.

Liberals/Progressives Only. The web site is devoted to liberal and progressive ideas and issues. It makes no pretence about being balanced or fair. Conservatives have plenty of outlets to air their issues but this is not one of them. I will delete any post containing conservative propaganda. I will delete any posts that mock and denigrate anything liberal or  progressive. I reserve the right to delete any account for any reason. Again, I make no pretense at being fair; I’m creating a site where liberals can voices their ideas without being harangued by conservative trolls.

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