The Failure Of Republicanism.

I keep wondering why I see so many rabid spewing hatred on television and the internet. But then you listen to their arguments and the answer is obvious. They trying desperately to compensate for the fact that their party and ideology is simply in a death spiral.

They cannot govern because they don’t believe in government. They cannot lead because they are owned, lock-stockĀ­and-barrel, by big business and right wing idealogues. The only thing they can do is lob insults from behind the gates of their locked communities and the pulpits of their fanatical churches.

All their ideas have been tried and have failed: tax cuts brought us deficits, deregulation brought us financial and environmental disaster, and militarism brought us needless war and endless paranoia. Their high moral standards always disintegrate into hypocrisy and scandal. The only thing they do well is hire consultants and come up with catchy slogans to scare the people into looking the other way as they sell the country to the highest bidder. They have taken the country that we inherited from the “Greatest Generation” and turned it into a grade school soap opera. I think most people see through their deceptions and with young people voting more and more liberal, the Hispanics feeling their hatred, I think the demographics are going to condemn the GOP to a long winter in the wilderness.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Good God I hope so! (about the wilderness part)

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